Mole and Plant


Mole noun - A person who tries secretly to obtain information for one country in the territory of another usually unfriendly country.
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Synonyms for Mole

Plant and mole are semantically related in spy topic. In some cases you can use "Plant" instead a noun "Mole".

Nearby Word: molar


Plant noun - A building or set of buildings for the manufacturing of goods.

Mole and plant are semantically related in spy topic. Sometimes you can use "Mole" instead a noun "Plant".

Nearby Words: plan, planted, planter, plantation, planting

How words are described

green green mole green plant
single single mole single plant
heavy heavy mole heavy plant
small small mole small plant
Other adjectives: actual, real, large, big, monstrous, huge, dangerous, evil, main, new, former, gigantic, giant, soviet, humanoid, aforementioned.

Both words in one sentence

  • Incredibly Obvious Bug Downplayed in that the bug itself isn't visible, but they do focus on the plant for the benefit of the audience, who by this point already knows he's The Mole.
  • Sloan knows exactly what buttons to push with Doctor Bashir to get him to help plant a Federation mole in the upper echelons of the Romulan government.
  • The Mole: Debonair is a Cauldron plant within Protectorate ENE, and high-ranking enough that unlike Battery he gets Door privileges.
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