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Moment noun – The quality or state of being important.
Usage example: an event of great moment

Note is a synonym for moment in importance topic. In some cases you can use "Note" instead a noun "Moment".
Nearby Words: momentous, momentary, momentum, momentarily, momentously
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Note noun – A usually brief written reminder.
Moment is a synonym for note. Sometimes you can use "Moment" instead a noun "Note".
Nearby Words: noted, notation, noting, Noteholder
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How words are described

sweet sweet moment sweet note
good good moment good note
long long moment long note
particular particular moment particular note
Other adjectives: similar, specific, brief, short, perfect, single, small, real, big, serious, wrong, sad, little, dark, humorous, important, personal, dramatic, final, minor, last, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business On a similar note: the moment when the protagonist of Rock: It's Your Decision reveals decidedly homophobic tendencies.
  • Franchise / Shrek Disney Creatures of the Farce: Fiona looks like she'll have a typical 'Snow White' moment... but the bird explodes because she hit a high note (or rather, missed the high note).
  • Nearly every named character in Martian Successor Nadesico, no matter how minor or seemingly one-note, gets some development and their moment in the spotlight.
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