Moment and Past


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Moment noun – The time currently existing or in progress.
Usage example: I'm not doing anything at the moment

Past is an antonym for moment.
Nearby Words: momentous, momentary, momentum, momentarily, momentously
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Past noun – The events or experience of former times.
Usage example: we spent a pleasant evening recalling the past together

Moment is an antonym for past.
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Similar words of moment
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Similar words of past
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How words are described

good good moment good past
long long moment long past
similar similar moment similar past
true true moment true past
Other adjectives: romantic, actual, real, embarrassing, sad, bad, personal.

Both words in one sentence

  • Manga / Harlem Beat Bash Brothers: Sawamura with Naruse, with Kai in his past and during his brief Face–Heel Turn moment in ‘J’ Invasion Arc, and he later developed similar setup with Kobayashi.
  • This may all seem superfluous, but it effectively explains how you're able to return to a point in your own past without crossing your own timeline (more on that in a moment).
  • Light Novel / Mushoku Tensei Played with too, in that the reader follows Rudeus from the moment he's born with all his past life memories.
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