Moment and Significance


Moment noun - The quality or state of being important.
Usage example: an event of great moment

Significance is a synonym for moment in importance topic. In some cases you can use "Significance" instead a noun "Moment", when it comes to topics like quality, emphasis, consequence, important. popular alternative


Significance noun - The quality or state of being important.
Usage example: the political significance of the special commission's report

Moment is a synonym for significance in importance topic. You can use "Moment" instead a noun "Significance", if it concerns topics such as quality, consequence, important. popular alternative

How words are described

emotional emotional moment emotional significance
exact exact moment exact significance
particular particular moment particular significance
similar similar moment similar significance
Other adjectives: specific, true, powerful, actual, real, massive, great, little, personal, major, dramatic, minor, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Xenogears Most egregiously, Rico has absolutely no significance after his moment of fame in Kislev; as Perfect Works notes, there was originally going to be a plot going into detail about Sigmund being his father; in the game itself, Hammer simply mentions this twist and it stops being important.
  • Series / Teen Wolf Overcrank: The show abuses slow motion to an almost criminal degree, not only applying it to scenes where it would normally be necessary, such as super-fast werewolf battles, but to almost every moment with even the slightest dramatic significance that does not use dialogue for emphasis instead.
  • Web Video / Best of the Worst The five-second shot of the creepy birthday clown in Bloody Birthday, who has no significance to the plot but provides the movie's only genuinely frightening moment.
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