Mother and Result


Mother noun - A female human parent.

Result is an antonym for mother.


Result noun - A condition or occurrence traceable to a cause.
Usage example: the frequent computer crashes are an unexpected result of the new security software we installed

Mother is an antonym for result.

Nearby Words: resultant, resulting, resulted

How words are described

good good mother good result
best best mother best result
original original mother original result
true true mother true result
Other adjectives: actual, real, big, bad, main, new, different.

Common collocations

character mother character result character
relationship mother relationship result relationship
death mother death result death
characters mother characters result characters
Other words: plasma.

Both words in one sentence

  • Denzel Washington as the title character in Malcolm X, who was 1/4 white (his mother was the result of her mother being raped by a white man) with reddish hair and far lighter skin than Washington's.
  • Series / The Secret Circle Diana's mother married Charles Meade, however, she is the result of an affair between her mother and John Blackwell.
  • Mum Looks Like a Sister As a result, if she's drawn in a fanart with her daughter Teeny, it's kinda easy to mistake Tailto as her more outgoing sister instead of her mother.
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