Mystery and Secret


Mystery noun - Something hard to understand or explain.
Usage example: why my sister married that guy is still a mystery to my parents
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Synonyms for Mystery

Secret is a synonym for mystery in puzzle topic. In some cases you can use "Secret" instead the word "Mystery" as a noun or an adjective, when it comes to topics like riddle. popular alternative


Secret noun - Something hard to understand or explain.
Usage example: the secrets of the Egyptian pyramids include the construction methods used to lift the huge blocks of stone in place

Mystery is a synonym for secret in riddle topic. You can use "Mystery" instead a noun "Secret", if it concerns topics such as puzzle, enigma, unrevealed. popular alternative

How words are described

old old mystery old secret
complete complete mystery complete secret
certain certain mystery certain secret
total total mystery total secret
Other adjectives: original, single, open, actual, real, big, great, huge, important, ancient, supernatural, major, past, strange, last, greatest, magical, bigger, ongoing, deeper.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Stealth Pun: A possible cross-language one: The Hiden Disks sounds really close to "Hidden Disks", which in turn can relate to the name "Secret/Mystery Disks".
  • Why the actions and existence of Ribbons Almarck would need to be kept secret is a bit of a mystery, though it may have something to do with keeping the existence of Innovators/Innovades a secret.
  • Mystery Men plays with this trope as the main baddie knew for years his archenemy's secret identity, but was in prison.
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