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Nasty adjective – Arousing or deserving of one's loathing and disgust.
Rank is a synonym for nasty in noxious topic. In some cases you can use "Rank" instead an adjective "Nasty".
Nearby Word: nastily
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Rank adjective – Having an unpleasant smell.
Usage example: smokes rank cigars that usually send me running for fresh air

Nasty is a synonym for rank in offensive topic. Sometimes you can use "Nasty" instead an adjective "Rank", if it concerns topics such as obscene, stinking. vulgar substitute
Nearby Words: ranking, ranked, ranker
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  • Turtle Power Most of them are intelligent but very nasty, especially Bowser and his kin, but the rank-and-file are still kinda cute and cartoony.
    Source: Turtle Power
  • Incredibly powerful and entirely immune to all forms of magic and elemental effects and with stats above most units of their rank, they serve as a nasty surprise to anyone not expecting them.
  • Scars, nasty tattoos, long greasy beards, beer guts; all in all as untidy, rank-smelling and rough-tongued a bunch of pirates as one could be unlucky enough to run into...
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