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Natural adjective – Free from any intent to deceive or impress others.
Usage example: she was completely natural in expressing her feelings for him, unafraid of how they would be received

Open is a synonym for natural in unaffected topic. In some cases you can use "Open" instead an adjective "Natural".
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Open adjective – Free in expressing one's true feelings and opinions.
Usage example: a talkative and open child who tells people more than they want to know

Natural is a synonym for open in genuine topic. Sometimes you can use "Natural" instead an adjective "Open", if it concerns topics such as honest, frank, straightforward.
Nearby Words: opening, openness, opened, opener
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Things that words describes

end natural end open end
world natural world open world

Both words in one sentence

  • Anime / Howl's Moving Castle As the movie goes on, he starts to behave in a more open and natural way around her, until he is willing to act responsibly and fight off the enemy planes to protect his "family".
  • Given their cramped quarters, lack of resources, and completely sterile and artificial environment, the wide open and natural world they see from orbit seems like it must be a paradise.
  • Obviously, change is a natural part of anything, but in open roleplaying, it's usually treated negatively.
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