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Natural adjective – Existing in or in conformity with nature or the observable world; neither supernatural nor magical.
Usage example: a perfectly natural explanation

Weird is an antonym for natural in artificial topic.
Nearby Words: nature, naturally, naturalness, naturalize, naturalise
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Weird adjective – Fearfully and mysteriously strange or fantastic.
Usage example: weird sounds from the woods just beyond our campsite

Natural is an antonym for weird in topics: normal, odd.
Nearby Words: weirdo, weirdly, weirding, weirded
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Similar words of weird
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Things that words describes

power natural power weird power
part natural part weird part
form natural form weird form
way natural way weird way
Other nouns: language, hair, accent, voice, behavior, colors, powers, weapons.

Both words in one sentence

  • Cargo Cult As it turns out, these weird stones were indeed not natural: they were neolithic stone tools.
    Source: Cargo Cult
  • Recap / Gravity Falls S 2 E 20 Weirdmageddon Part 3 Take Back The Falls Weirdness Magnet: The natural property of Gravity Falls to attract the weird is what was keeping Bill from leaving, Ford even referring to it as "weirdness magnetism".
  • In other words, once there is evidence for the supernatural, it ceases to be supernatural, and becomes "natural, if weird and yet unexplained."
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