Near and Remote


Near adjective - Being the less far of two.
Usage example: grab the comforter from the near side of the bed and fold it in half

Remote is an antonym for near in topics: intimate, close, imminent, familiar, far.

Nearby Words: nearly, nearby, nearness


Remote adjective - Not close in time or space.
Usage example: a permanent base on Mars is likely to happen only in the remote future

Near is an antonym for remote in topics: distant, cold, irrelevant, out-of-the-way, unlikely.

Nearby Words: remoteness, remotely

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / Nashville He recruits Gunnar who was promised a choice spot in the festival and was instead scheduled to perform in the off-hours on a remote stage near the portable toilets.
  • "Fantastic Voyage" Plot Dib then swallowed a nanobot and had Gaz remote control it, eventually leading to Dib's robot and Zims robot fighting near Dib's brain.
  • Never Mess with Granny Near the end of the book, Death raids one of Offler's more remote temples to steal the largest diamond in existence.
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