Nearby and Remote


Nearby adjective - Not being distant in time, space, or significance.
Usage example: grabbed the nearby quilt and gently laid it over the sleeping child

Remote is an antonym for nearby.

Nearby Words: near, nearness


Remote adjective - Not close in time or space.
Usage example: a permanent base on Mars is likely to happen only in the remote future

Nearby is an antonym for remote in topics: distant, cold, irrelevant, out-of-the-way, unlikely.

Nearby Words: remoteness, remotely

Both words in one sentence

  • Walking Techbane In The Archangel Project, remote viewers like protagonist Toby Guinness make electronics glitchy when they're nearby.
  • However, unbeknown to Ankh, Kougami was simply having some guy, who was nearby Eiji, use a remote that activates and deactivates Ride Vendors at will.
  • Film / The Arrival Then Zane pulls out what turns out to be a remote control for the camcorder he has hidden in the nearby tree and grabs the tape.
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