Needy and Wealthy


Needy adjective - Lacking money or material possessions.
Usage example: those generous souls who regularly give money and donate clothes to help the needy

Wealthy is an antonym for needy in topics: poor, deprived.

Nearby Words: need, needed, needful, needing


Wealthy adjective - Having goods, property, or money in abundance.
Usage example: a wealthy man who likes to collect antique cars

Needy is an antonym for wealthy in rich topic.

Nearby Words: wealth, wealthily

Both words in one sentence

  • Uncle Pennybags Stasia from Marry Me, who is a wealthy celebrity sensation, who also donates a large amount of all her money regularly to various charitable organizations, and visits needy places in Africa on a whim.
  • Manga / Black Jack Black Jack is a brilliant surgeon, but has no license (the reasons for this vary a bit between adaptations.) He charges enormous fees to wealthy clients, but often helps the needy for just as much as they can pay, or even for free, and if his operations fail generally refunds the money paid.
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