Negligence and Thought


Negligence noun - Failure to take the care that a cautious person usually takes.

Thought is an antonym for negligence.


Thought noun - A careful weighing of the reasons for or against something.

Negligence is an antonym for thought in formation of mental objects topic.

How words are described

human human negligence human thought
simple simple negligence simple thought
serious serious negligence serious thought
dangerous dangerous negligence dangerous thought
Other adjectives: horrible, general, mere.

Both words in one sentence

  • The parody ended with them being taken to court for criminal negligence, but getting pardoned because the judge thought the kids were so ugly, no sane person would want them.
  • Sharona and Monk are able to prove it was murder, although they do so with some reluctance, as the country club was offering Sharona a lot of money to compensate for what they thought was a fatal accident resulting from their negligence.
    Source: Flopsy
  • Action Dad / Western Animation While known to be a complete Jerkass at the worst of times, and often lets Otto get hurt through blind negligence; Tuddrussel will kick some major ass if Otto is in mortal danger and the thought of losing him to someone else makes him just as pissed.
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