Negligible and Substantial


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Negligible adjective – So small or unimportant as to warrant little or no attention.
Usage example: the two cents in change was such a negligible sum that she left the store without bothering to take it

Substantial is an antonym for negligible.
Nearby Word: negligibility
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Substantial adjective – Having great meaning or lasting effect.
Usage example: substantial changes to the school dress code that made a lot of people unhappy

Negligible is an antonym for substantial.
Nearby Words: substance, substantiate, substantially, substantiality, substantiation
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Similar words of negligible
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Similar words of substantial
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Things that words describes

experience negligible experience substantial experience
skill negligible skill substantial skill
power negligible power substantial power
role negligible role substantial role
Other nouns: benefit, value, reward, support, presence, amount, effect, use, percentage, loss, damage, losses, boost, amounts, differences, bonuses.
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