New and Unfamiliar


New adjective - Not known or experienced before.
Usage example: the Americas were new lands for the European explorers

Unfamiliar is a synonym for new in strange topic. In some cases you can use "Unfamiliar" instead an adjective "New", when it comes to topics like different, recent. popular alternative

Nearby Words: newness, newly, newish


Unfamiliar adjective - Not known or experienced before.
Usage example: ordered an unfamiliar wine and was surprised to find that it was much drier than what they were used to

New is a synonym for unfamiliar in unknown topic. You can use "New" instead an adjective "Unfamiliar", if it concerns topics such as strange, different. popular alternative

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / The Karate Kid (2010) When in a new/unfamiliar location, people of similar backgrounds (national, cultural, and occasionally even ethnic) tend to stick together, if only initially.
  • Genre Shift Controversial or extremely different ideas are very hard to get past sponsors and audiences suspicious of anything new and unfamiliar.
    Source: Genre Shift
  • This might actually strike a chord with readers because of its Truth in Television overtones; psychological studies suggest that the first people someone meets in a new or unfamiliar social situation have a greater chance at becoming their close friends later on.
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