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Nobody noun – A person of no importance or influence.
Usage example: tired of feeling like a nobody, she decided to launch her own business

Somebody is an antonym for nobody in unimportant person topic.
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Somebody noun – A person who is widely known and usually much talked about.
Usage example: a small-town girl who hopes to become a somebody someday

Nobody is an antonym for somebody in topics: celebrity, importance.
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Both words in one sentence

  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Usually causes you to lose hero points, except for one case where your powers actually kill somebody and nobody calls you on it.
  • Live's "Simple Creed" has a couple: "Now nobody's takin' your candy /you just keep on livin' this tragedy" and "Now nobody's takin' your bicycle/ maybe somebody should take your microphone".
    Source: Painful Rhyme
  • Series / It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia I mean somebody comes in with a preposterous plan or idea and than suddenly everyone's on the gas, nobody's on the brakes, nobody's thinking!
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