Nonstandard and Usual


Nonstandard adjective - Varying from or not adhering to a standard.

Usual is an antonym for nonstandard in not normal topic.


Usual adjective - Accepted, used, or practiced by most people.
Usage example: that's not the usual method, but it works

Nonstandard is an antonym for usual.

Nearby Words: usually, usualness

Both words in one sentence

  • Nonstandard Game Over A Game Over screen that appears not after the usual Hit Point-loss, but when you've messed up something more serious or plot-worthy.
  • Border Patrol Call of Duty: Black Ops subverts the usual Insurmountable Waist High Fence or Nonstandard Game Over method of keeping players inside the multiplayer or campaign map, respectively, with the "Jungle" multiplayer map.
    Source: Border Patrol
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