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Notable adjective – Worth remembering or mentioning.
Usage example: predicts trends in the stock market with notable accuracy

Ordinary is an antonym for notable in important topic.
Nearby Words: noted, notably, notability, noting
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Ordinary adjective – Being of the type that is encountered in the normal course of events.
Usage example: it was a perfectly ordinary and undistinguished shirt

Notable is an antonym for ordinary in average topic.
Nearby Words: ordinal, ordinarily, ordinariness, ordination
Antonyms for Ordinary
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Similar words of ordinary
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Things that words describes

character notable character ordinary character
people notable people ordinary people
time notable time ordinary time
characters notable characters ordinary characters
Other nouns: names.

Both words in one sentence

  • Alternate Universe: Tends to be a lot of these, the most notable being the 'Humanstuck Intermission', which follows the lives of the fandoms if they were ordinary humans.
  • Sweet Tooth On one notable occasion, the mame daifuku had been spiked with some insanely beyond-the-tolerances-of-ordinary-mortals spicy seasoning.
    Source: Sweet Tooth
  • Historical Hero Upgrade Lei Feng was an ordinary but not particularly notable soldier in the People's Liberation Army.
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