Notable and Standard


Notable adjective - Worth remembering or mentioning.
Usage example: predicts trends in the stock market with notable accuracy

Standard is an antonym for notable in important topic.

Nearby Words: noted, notably, notability, noting


Standard adjective - Being of the type that is encountered in the normal course of events.
Usage example: a standard bandage is all that that wound needs

Notable is an antonym for standard.

How words are described

common common notable common standard
ordinary ordinary notable ordinary standard
small small notable small standard
great great notable great standard
Other adjectives: major, broadcast.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Radiant Historia Particularly notable with saving the resistance members in standard history Chapter 3, as this won't become important until Chapter 6.
  • Fight Like a Card Player: The Classic game is notable for using playing cards (a standard 54-card deck) as a randomizer instead of dice in many mechanics.
  • Sierra's The Black Cauldron is a classic and is notable for having context sensitive commands (Use/Look) instead of the then standard text parser years before "point and click" made this interface standard for adventure gaming.
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