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Observer noun – Someone who sees or watches something.
Reporter and observer are semantically related in commentator topic. In some cases you can use "Reporter" instead a noun "Observer", when it comes to topics like critic.
Nearby Words: observe, observation, observance, observant, observed
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Reporter noun – A person employed by a newspaper, magazine, or radio or television station to gather, write, or report news.
Observer and reporter are semantically related in critic topic. You can use "Observer" instead a noun "Reporter".
Nearby Words: report, reported, reporting, reportage
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How words are described

human human observer human reporter
female female observer female reporter
single single observer single reporter
intelligent intelligent observer intelligent reporter
Other adjectives: male, new, cynical, curious, undercover, modern.

Both words in one sentence

  • In The Third World War, it is stated in the description of the first TV footage of Soviet and US forces clashing in Slovenia (smuggled out from the battlefield by a reporter) that a military observer would note the Soviets were performing a textbook withdrawal under fire.
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