Obtain and Receive


Obtain verb - Receive a specified treatment (abstract).

Receive is a synonym for obtain in get topic. In some cases you can use "Receive" instead a verb "Obtain", when it comes to topics like acquire, action, gain. popular alternative

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Receive verb - Receive a specified treatment (abstract).
Usage example: His movie received a good review

Obtain is a synonym for receive in get topic. You can use "Obtain" instead a verb "Receive", if it concerns topics such as acquire, action, gain, accept delivery of something. popular alternative

Common collocations

power obtain power receive power
reward obtain reward receive reward
item obtain item receive item
money obtain money receive money
Other words: information, title, cards, ending, upgrade, card, items, points, powers, abilities, amounts.

Both words in one sentence

  • Wolverine Publicity Legendary Pokemon usually receive most of the promotion and publicity, despite being the rarest and most difficult 'mons to obtain in-game.
  • Video Game / Brave Fencer Musashi Second Hour Superpower: While Musashi is fortunate enough to receive Fusion from Princess Fillet's retainers before heading out, he doesn't obtain Lumina until the last third of Chapter 1's tutorial segments.
  • Video Game / Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Depending on the player's level dungeon takes hours to complete, and you can't save your progress at all, though one can keep whatever badges they obtain and whatever star points they receive if they leave the dungeon and go save outside.
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