Obtain and Win


Obtain verb - To receive as return for effort.
Usage example: after years of proving herself, she obtained recognition as a serious journalist

Win is a synonym for obtain in get topic. In some cases you can use "Win" instead a verb "Obtain", when it comes to topics like receive, gain, achieve. popular alternative

Nearby Words: obtained, obtainable, obtaining


Win verb - To receive as return for effort.
Usage example: win a gold medal in swimming

Obtain is a synonym for win in get topic. You can use "Obtain" instead a verb "Win", if it concerns topics such as secure, possession, receive, achieve. popular alternative

Nearby Words: winning, winner, wining

Common collocations

heart obtain heart win heart
point obtain point win point
way obtain way win way
money obtain money win money
Other words: title, victory, points.

Both words in one sentence

  • Light Novel / Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts Violence Is the Only Option: After Akihisa and Yuuji win the school tag tournament, their opponents plan on revealing that the duo cheated to obtain victory.
  • Video Game / Kantai Collection In E-6, choosing a harder path gave the player more chances to obtain ships like Roma and U-511, assuming that his fleet can win the encounters.
  • Video Game / Holy Umbrella Rock-Paper-Scissors: You have to win two rock-paper-scissors games in a row to obtain the Plot Coupon that lets you Get on the Boat.
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