Occasional and Regular


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Occasional adjective – Lacking in steadiness or regularity of occurrence.
Usage example: the weekend forecast is for occasional showers

Regular is an antonym for occasional in topics: infrequent, irregular.
Nearby Words: occasion, occasionally, occasioned, occasionalism
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Regular adjective – Appearing or occurring repeatedly from time to time.
Usage example: what with one or another of our pets having problems, we've been regular visitors at the animal hospital

Occasional is an antonym for regular in normal topic.
Nearby Words: regularised, regularly, regularize, regularise, regularity
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Similar words of occasional
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Similar words of regular
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Things that words describes

person occasional person regular person
character occasional character regular character
attack occasional attack regular attack
role occasional role regular role
Other nouns: member, episode, use, characters, game, theme, weapon, enemy, shots, appearances, updates, episodes.

Both words in one sentence

  • Comicbook / Incredible Hulk Parental Substitute: Doctor Strange tends to provide the Hulk with occasional sanctuary and regular advice.
  • Web Video / GamerGod88 Jack always planned to bring the show back, perhaps as bundles packaged as a regular "PMS" episode, but he finally settled on an occasional video series with regular livestreams on Twitch.
  • In BioShock, most of the game's bosses are simply regular enemy types with more health and the occasional attribute tweak (the Iceman in Fort Frolic is immune to ice attacks, for example).
    Source: Degraded Boss
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