Offer and Receive


Offer verb - To put before another for acceptance or consideration.
Usage example: I offered my boss an alternative to the original plan, which would have required me to work overtime

Receive is an antonym for offer.

Nearby Words: offered, offering, offerer, offeree


Receive verb - To offer entrance (as to a place, school, or privilege) to.

Offer is an antonym for receive in topics: endure, accept delivery of something, take in guest or member.

Common collocations

help offer help receive help
power offer power receive power
aid offer aid receive aid
assistance offer assistance receive assistance
Other words: reward, support, amount, sort, number, time, money, information, bonus, items, points, benefits, rewards, bonuses.

Both words in one sentence

  • Phantasmagoria 2: Curtis Craig's computer becomes possessed and he starts to receive strange emails; one of them includes a job offer from hell's recruitment department.
  • The Batman foe Spellbinder was shot by his girlfriend after turning down an offer for demonically enhanced powers during the Underworld Unleashed storyline, so she could receive them (and his identity) instead.
  • Or, you may receive a visit from someone who will offer you a free massage and double the euros.
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