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On the surface

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Seemingly is a synonym for on the surface in apparently topic. In some cases you can use "Seemingly" instead an adverb phrase "On the surface", when it comes to topics like at first glance, to all appearances. popular alternative


Seemingly adverb - From appearances alone.
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On the surface is a synonym for seemingly in apparently topic. You can use "On the surface" instead an adverb "Seemingly". popular alternative

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Both terms in one sentence

  • Black Box Seemingly simple to use on the surface... But it has secrets, hidden abilities, glitches, and occasionally, a mind of its own.
    Source: Black Box
  • Settings Uncanny Village A seemingly idyllic small town isn't quite what it appears on the surface.
    Source: Settings
  • Even though he seemingly handles it well on the surface throughout the next several episodes, he eventually admits to Ted that he was initially angry and deeply hurt by her decision.
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