Opinion and Rating


Opinion noun - An idea that is believed to be true or valid without positive knowledge.

Rating and opinion are semantically related. In some cases you can use "Rating" instead a noun "Opinion".

Nearby Words: opinionated, opined, opining


Rating noun - Standing or position on a scale.
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Synonyms for Rating

Opinion and rating are semantically related. Sometimes you can use "Opinion" instead a noun "Rating".

Nearby Word: rated

How words are described

individual individual opinion individual rating
good good opinion good rating
high high opinion high rating
low low opinion low rating
Other adjectives: better, similar, positive, certain, separate, original, true, critical, poor, actual, bad, general, final, less, negative, subjective, highest, different, higher, overall.

Both words in one sentence

  • After telling a friend that a movie can't have more than one F-bomb or else it gets an R rating (contrary to popular belief, this is not exactly true), John Travolta's character gives his opinion of that rule: "Fuck that."
  • Critical opinion ranged from underwhelming to horrified, with Pitchfork Media giving a rare 1/10 rating, and the fans were far less kind.
  • Corollary 2: Anyone who does give an intermediate rating may draw hostility from both sides for 'not being able to form an opinion', particularly if they give a rating exactly in the middle of the scale.
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