Opportunity and Possibility


Opportunity noun - A possibility due to a favorable combination of circumstances.
Usage example: the holiday gave us the opportunity to visit Washington
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Synonyms for Opportunity

Possibility is a synonym for opportunity in capacity topic. In some cases you can use "Possibility" instead a noun "Opportunity", when it comes to topics like luck, chance, capability, recourse. popular alternative


Possibility noun - Something that can develop or become actual.

Opportunity is a synonym for possibility in capacity topic. You can use "Opportunity" instead a noun "Possibility", if it concerns topics such as luck, chance, capability, recourse. popular alternative

Nearby Words: possible, possibly

How words are described

good good opportunity good possibility
rare rare opportunity rare possibility
best best opportunity best possibility
reasonable reasonable opportunity reasonable possibility
Other adjectives: legitimate, single, open, small, actual, real, big, great, huge, little, potential, easy, new, outside, slightest, further, greater, last, realistic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Fan Fic / The Second Try It's mostly convenient for Shinji, as he uses the opportunity to explain what happened at the end of the story, but it ends with the possibility he may never recover.
  • Anime / Like The Clouds Like The Wind When she learns of an opportunity to become a concubine of the young new Emperor, with the possibility of getting a regular food supply in the bargain, Ginga convinces her father to let her go.
  • Webcomic / Mulberry Refusal of the Call: Having raised the possibility on the third page of "Franken-Berry" that some zombies want to revisit their loved ones instead of eat brains, Mulberry initially refuses the opportunity to fight zombies at a TV commercial studio.
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