Orator and Speaker


Orator noun - A person who makes usually formal public speeches.
Usage example: though a brilliant wordsmith, Thomas Jefferson was by his own admission an unskilled orator
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Synonyms for Orator

Speaker is a synonym for orator in public speaker topic. In some cases you can use "Speaker" instead a noun "Orator". popular alternative

Nearby Words: oration, oratory, oratorical, orating


Speaker noun - A person who makes usually formal public speeches.
Usage example: the after-dinner speaker was a career diplomat who regaled us with humorous anecdotes from his travels abroad
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Synonyms for Speaker

Orator is a synonym for speaker in talker topic. You can use "Orator" instead a noun "Speaker", if it concerns topics such as speech-maker. popular alternative

Nearby Words: speak, speaking

How words are described

good good orator good speaker
brilliant brilliant orator brilliant speaker
accomplished accomplished orator accomplished speaker
excellent excellent orator excellent speaker
Other adjectives: skilled, former, competent.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / Mind Your Language In one case, the entire class managed to get themselves arrested separately while trying to complete assignments from Jeremy (Giovanni and Danielle interrupted a live television broadcast, Su-Lee and Taro got in a heated argument with an orator at Speaker's Corner, etc.).
  • Useful Notes / Henry Clay Clay's skills as a politician and force as an orator made the office of Speaker of the House, one of the most important positions in the federal government, comparable even to that of the presidency itself.
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