Original and Repetition


Original noun - Something from which copies are made.

Repetition is an antonym for original.


Repetition noun - The act of saying or doing over again.
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Synonyms for Repetition

Original is an antonym for repetition in duplication topic.

How words are described

single single original single repetition
heavy heavy original heavy repetition
final final original final repetition

Both words in one sentence

  • Manga / Soul Eater In the original recording, they compare the importance of repetition in jokes to the repetition in layers of lasagna, which props a helpful popup on the screen to explain the comparison.
  • Creator / The Comedy Network Expect to see various CTV or original shows on great repetition, and with lots of ad time.
  • Shaped Like Itself This parody of Rebecca Black's "song" Friday, mocking the repetition of the original.
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