Orthodox and Unconventional


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Orthodox adjective – Following or agreeing with established form, custom, or rules.
Usage example: schoolteachers tended to favor poets who followed a very orthodox style of poetry

Unconventional is an antonym for orthodox in topics: established, accepted.
Nearby Word: orthodoxy
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Unconventional adjective – Deviating from commonly accepted beliefs or practices.
Usage example: the Shakers acquired their name because of their unconventional practice of dancing with shaking movements during worship

Orthodox is an antonym for unconventional.
Nearby Word: unconventionally
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Things that words describes

technique orthodox technique unconventional technique
manner orthodox manner unconventional manner
people orthodox people unconventional people
style orthodox style unconventional style
Other nouns: route, way, fashion, example, method, strategy, tactics, lifestyle, jobs, weapons, forms, strategies.

Both words in one sentence

  • Manga / Saki Part of the problem is that Team Kazekoshi plays strictly orthodox mahjong and are flustered when they meet unconventional players (in contrast, during Rounds 2 and 4, where they were pitted against orthodox players, they fared better).
    Source: Manga / Saki
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