Outlandish and Usual


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Outlandish adjective – Different from the ordinary in a way that causes curiosity or suspicion.
Usage example: an outlandish outfit made entirely out of bottle caps

Usual is an antonym for outlandish in topics: strange, bizarre.
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Usual adjective – Accepted, used, or practiced by most people.
Outlandish is an antonym for usual.
Nearby Words: usually, usualness
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Similar words of outlandish
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Similar words of usual
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Things that words describes

manner outlandish manner usual manner
character outlandish character usual character
kind outlandish kind usual kind
style outlandish style usual style
Other nouns: stuff, uniform, nature, outfit, costume, clothes, way, fashion, characters, story, version, behavior, ways, methods, antics, outfits, examples.

Both words in one sentence

  • Stephenson exaggerates the genre's usual tropes and takes them to their logical conclusion — most notably Hiro Protagonist's outlandish array of skills and the fact that the Metaverse looks more like Second Life than any serious cyberpunk VR.
  • After seeing some of his more outlandish attempts, it's kind of understandable why she's so annoyed... He's finally managed to have a genuine heart-to-heart moment with her (as opposed to the usual fist-to-jaw), but they're still not together.
  • Explanation Helen Lovejoy's usual response to outlandish, political and/or religious situations.
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