Outlook and Past


Outlook noun - A high place or structure from which a wide view is possible.
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Synonyms for Outlook

Past is an antonym for outlook in topics: scene, point of view, probable future.


Past noun - The events or experience of former times.

Outlook is an antonym for past.

How words are described

human human outlook human past
similar similar outlook similar past
harsh harsh outlook harsh past
rough rough outlook rough past
Other adjectives: simple, romantic, actual, entire, sad, bad, dim, innocent, happy, interesting, personal, new, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • Webcomic / Annarasumanara Sensing his trustworthiness, she quickly becomes drawn to him in spite of his shortcomings, like his childish outlook on life, and rumours of his sketchy past.
  • After the timeskip he fits this even more, since he saw his brother, Ace, getting killed right in front of him, and he still managed to push past it and have a positive outlook on life and keeps following his dream..
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