Outlook and Point of view


Outlook noun - A high place or structure from which a wide view is possible.
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Synonyms for Outlook

Point of view is a synonym for outlook in attitude topic. In some cases you can use "Point of view" instead a noun "Outlook", when it comes to topics like angle, perspective. popular alternative

Point of view

Point of view noun - A mental position from which things are viewed.
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Synonyms for Point of view

Outlook is a synonym for point of view in perspective topic. You can use "Outlook" instead a noun phrase "Point of view", if it concerns topics such as attitude, position, angle, viewpoint. popular alternative

Both terms in one sentence

  • Deliberate Values Dissonance Furthermore, Canderous's outlook and morality is frequently evil from a Republic point of view, but damn near impeccable from a Mandalorian one.
  • Five Races Depending on one's point of view, Prophets can be either fairies for their highly spiritual rhetoric and technological outlook or mundane people for their politics and variety of occupations.
    Source: Five Races
  • Very much leaning towards an existentialist outlook, Taking A Third Option could be seen as the series main theme, solving problems by accepting ambivalence and taking a different point of view.
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