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Paint verb – To give a representation or account of in words.
Usage example: the description painted a perfect image of the sun setting over the ocean

Represent is a synonym for paint in depict topic. In some cases you can use "Represent" instead a verb "Paint", when it comes to topics like draw, picture, representation, portray.
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Represent verb – To point out the chief quality or qualities of an individual or group.
Paint is a synonym for represent in depict topic. You can use "Paint" instead a verb "Represent", if it concerns topics such as draw, picture, representation.
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Common collocations

character paint character represent character
man paint man represent man
number paint number represent number
way paint way represent way
Other nouns: world.

Both words in one sentence

  • Palette Swap The players will actually play the same army by the same rules, but represent in universe alignments by paint scheme.
    Source: Palette Swap
  • Palette Swap For example, one player may represent the WWII 10th Mountain Division and another may represent a US Ranger Battalion by using the same miniatures and rule set, but simply paint the 10th in snow and the Rangers in drab greens.
    Source: Palette Swap
  • Paint (the girl/the Seedrian), Jewel (the hyena, thus connected to a vicious, colonizing race), Maxwell (the gay guy), and Star (the Eggman robot) all represent stigmatized or minority groups, although females and homosexuals are not shown to experience any discrimination in the story.
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