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Panacea noun – Something that cures all ills or problems.
Usage example: a woman who seems to believe that chicken soup is a panacea for nearly everything

Remedy is a synonym for panacea in cure-all topic. In some cases you can use "Remedy" instead a noun "Panacea".
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Remedy noun – A substance or preparation used to treat disease.
Usage example: preferred to treat colds with a homemade remedy made from garlic

Panacea is a synonym for remedy in cure topic. You can use "Panacea" instead a noun "Remedy", if it concerns topics such as solution, cure-all, nostrum.
Nearby Words: remedying, remedied, remedial, remediable
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How words are described

good good panacea good remedy
legendary legendary panacea legendary remedy

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Bloodborne Find the Cure: People journey to Yharnam in search of a medical remedy that once made the city famous: a Panacea said to cure any illness.
  • Healing Herb The Spice Rack Panacea is another take on it, where a herbal remedy cures something in fiction (or is proclaimed to cure something in real life) that it technically should not be able to cure.
    Source: Healing Herb
  • Webcomic / Quantum Vibe Spice Rack Panacea: When Nicole begins having PTSD flashbacks, Seamus has a pharmacist prepare her an "old remedy" of vitamins and amino acids.
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