Part and Small portion


Part noun - One of the pieces from which something is designed to be assembled.

Small portion and part are semantically related. In some cases you can use "Small portion" instead a noun "Part".

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Small portion

Definitions of Part not found.

Part and small portion are semantically related. You can use "Part" instead a noun phrase "Small portion".

Both terms in one sentence

  • Useful Notes / Hawai'i Also part of the county of Maui, except for the aforementioned former leper colony, a small portion on the northern middle of the island which is technically its own county.
  • In Mexico, the burrito—a dish consisting of a wheat flour tortilla wrapped around a small portion of beans, meat and rice—was historically highly regional, restricted to the wheat-growing northern part of the country.
  • Series / Running Man Enemy Eats Your Lunch: Any time when someone gets better food than the others as part of a game, the other members are bound to swoop down like hungry hyenas, leaving just a small portion of what was originally a feast for the intended owner.
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