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Partake verb – To take a share or part.
Usage example: we should all partake of the city's rich cultural offerings while we have the opportunity

Share is a synonym for partake in participate topic. In some cases you can use "Share" instead the word "Partake" as a verb or a noun. popular alternative
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Share verb – To take a share or part.
Usage example: everyone in the enterprise will share in the profits

Partake is a synonym for share in activity topic. You can use "Partake" instead a verb "Share", if it concerns topics such as participate, use in common with others. popular alternative
Nearby Words: shared, sharing, sharer, shareholder, shareable
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  • He tries to share his tofuburgers with the other Titans whenever possible (they rarely partake), and has been known to turn into particularly cute animals and quip that they should at least vow never to eat green meat.
  • Video Game / Super Robot Wars MX Both originals Hugo Medio and Aqua Centolm share the same machine, though there's still a choice of which two mecha to use: the Super Robot Garmraid or the Real Robot Cerberus.MX is the first SRW to have the Mobile Suit Gundam series not partake in any of the major events of the game.
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