Passive and Working


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Passive adjective – Receiving or enduring without offering resistance.
Working is an antonym for passive.
Nearby Words: passivity, passively, passible, passivation
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Working adjective – Involved in often constant activity.
Usage example: a boss who is of the opinion that a working employee is a needed employee, as idleness is a sign of dispensability

Passive is an antonym for working in active topic.
Nearby Words: work, works, worked, workable, worker
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Similar words of passive
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Similar words of working
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Things that words describes

man passive man working man
part passive part working part
game passive game working game
computer passive computer working computer

Both words in one sentence

  • Comic Book / Watchmen Compare Manhattan's original costume in the novel to Solar's; also, both are passive research scientists working on a remote nuclear research base who end up as tools of the government.
  • Smoke Out Their Evil Counterpart from EXALT in the Enemy Within expansion also have access to smoke grenades, and Elite versions have access to the Smoke And Mirrors passive ability, working exactly like the XCOM version.
    Source: Smoke Out
  • Like with Contractors having no emotions, it was disproven, but they still are at worst comatose and at best submissive and so passive that people working with them all the time are surprised if they use their medium abilities without being told to, or show they care for someone.
    Source: Empty Shell
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