Peaceful and Violent


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Peaceful adjective – Not involving violence or force.
Usage example: UN officials struggled to find a peaceful solution to the troublesome conflict

Violent is an antonym for peaceful in friendly topic.
Nearby Words: peace, peaceable, peacefully, peaceably, peacetime
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Violent adjective – Marked by bursts of destructive force or intense activity.
Usage example: a violent fight that left several people badly hurt

Peaceful is an antonym for violent in topics: severe, destructive.
Nearby Words: violence, violently, violator
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Things that words describes

person peaceful person violent person
manner peaceful manner violent manner
life peaceful life violent life
man peaceful man violent man
Other nouns: people, race, nature, place, means, end, death, way, world, monster, version, ways, methods, monsters.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Spore There's still only one objective (get enough DNA to proceed,) but you can choose between violent or peaceful means (or a combination) to get there.
  • Both are important plot points and the opposite of each other, representing the violent and peaceful solutions for the Fantastic Racism between dwarves and trolls.
  • Video Game / Spore You can again choose violent or peaceful means, and the order in which to take on other tribes, but either way the only thing to do is conquer/befriend all opposing tribes while occasionally stopping to get food.
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