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Peach verb – Divulge confidential information or secrets.
Talk is a synonym for peach in tattle on someone topic. In some cases you can use "Talk" instead a verb "Peach".
Nearby Word: peachy
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Talk verb – Reveal information.
Usage example: If you don't oblige me, I'll talk!

Peach is a synonym for talk. You can use "Peach" instead a verb "Talk".
Nearby Words: talking, talkative, talker, talkie
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Both words in one sentence

  • Peach and Bowser still remain a mystery, but since Peach couldn't even walk as an infant in Partners in Time and Bowser could talk as an infant, which the baby Mario Bros.
    Source: Vague Age
  • Video Game / Super Mario Sunshine Peach will subsequently hang around Delfino Plaza, and you can even talk to her.
  • In Super Princess Peach, there are a series of cutscenes that talk about Perry (Peach's talking umbrella), and how he was once human.
    Source: Aborted Arc
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