Peak and Valley


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Peak noun – An elevation of land higher than a hill.
Usage example: the nearest peak worth climbing is hundreds of miles away

Valley is an antonym for peak.
Nearby Words: peaked, peaky, peaking
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Valley noun – An area of lowland between hills or mountains.
Usage example: the valley will be the first to flood if the river rises

Peak is an antonym for valley.
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How words are described

certain certain peak certain valley
separate separate peak separate valley
original original peak original valley
obvious obvious peak obvious valley
Other adjectives: native, small, actual, large, lower, remote, new, early, later, last, snowy, athletic, magical, creepy.

Both words in one sentence

  • Saturday Night Live's cast and crew turnover is as legendary as its peak-and-valley history.
  • Überwald Through the valley travel the meek; Something wicked awaits at the peak...note Hey, at least it's nice to see that they have a green energy source...
    Source: Überwald
  • Series / Saturday Night Live Long-Runner Cast Turnover: The show's cast and crew turnover is as legendary as its peak-and-valley quality, and the reason why it has such a love/hate relationship with viewers.
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