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Perceive verb – To have a vague awareness of.
Usage example: I thought I perceived a problem, but I wasn't sure

Sense is a synonym for perceive in understand topic. In some cases you can use "Sense" instead the word "Perceive" as a verb or a noun, when it comes to topics like action, notice, hear, knowledge. popular alternative
Nearby Words: perception, perceptive, perceiving, perceived, percept
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Sense verb – To have a vague awareness of.
Usage example: the deer seemed to sense danger

Perceive is a synonym for sense in action topic. You can use "Perceive" instead a verb "Sense", if it concerns topics such as knowledge, become aware of. popular alternative
Nearby Words: sensible, senseless, sensation, sensuality, sensuous
Synonyms for Sense

Common collocations

force perceive force sense force
people perceive people sense people
future perceive future sense future
death perceive death sense death
Other nouns: time, world, magic, pain, surroundings, aura, feelings, emotions, attacks, events, objects, powers, auras.

Both words in one sentence

  • The degree that the skeptic can't perceive the object or being may vary, such as being able to feel, hear or otherwise sense something, but not completely know what.
  • Rated M for Money Thus, it makes sense that many would perceive M rated games as the key to breaking video games free of this stereotype and, thus, gaining them more respect as an entertainment medium.
  • Light Novel / Bakemonogatari Koyomi and Mayoi initially just sense it and experience uncontrollable dread, and seem to be able to perceive the exact direction it's coming from.
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