Perception and Sense


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Perception noun – The ability to understand inner qualities or relationships.
Usage example: a writer of considerable perception, she remembers how it feels to be confused and insecure

Sense is a synonym for perception in understanding topic. In some cases you can use "Sense" instead a noun "Perception", when it comes to topics like feeling, impression, awareness, discrimination. popular alternative
Nearby Words: perceive, perceptive, perceptible, perceptively, perceptibility
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Sense noun – An indefinite physical response to a stimulus.
Usage example: a strange sense of discomfort brought on by the room's strong colors

Perception is a synonym for sense in feeling topic. You can use "Perception" instead a noun "Sense", if it concerns topics such as understanding, awareness, discrimination, knowledge. popular alternative
Nearby Words: sensible, senseless, sensation, sensuality, sensuous
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How words are described

human human perception human sense
physical physical perception physical sense
better better perception better sense
similar similar perception similar sense
Other adjectives: normal, typical, usual, true, poor, great, little, false, supernatural, new, unique, general, warped, twisted, conventional, negative, classic, greater, basic, different, modern.

Both words in one sentence

  • No Sense of Humor Batman in Batman: The Animated Series is thought by many to have no sense of humor, but that's a false perception influenced by his extremely introverted personality.
  • Discworld also covers dogs' different perception of the world, in which scent is the primary sense.
    Source: Xenofiction
  • In short, the sensory inputs get 'processed' through a series of mental 'sorting devices' that make sense of things before they hit our perception.
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