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Personage noun – Another word for person; a person not meriting identification.
Usage example: a strange personage appeared at the door

Someone is a synonym for personage in important topic. In some cases you can use "Someone" instead a noun "Personage".
Nearby Words: personal, personality, person, persona
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Someone noun – A human being.
Personage is a synonym for someone in important topic. You can use "Personage" instead a noun "Someone", if it concerns topics such as dignitary.
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  • Comic-Book Time Kenji Sahara played someone named Segawa in both Terror Of Mechagodzilla and his Heisei era films, but since Terror of Mechagodzilla does not form part of the continuity of the Heisei series, it is unclear whether it involves the same personage.
  • Literature / Chrestomanci aka: The Lives Of Christopher Chant The Scottish Trope: Because of what happens when someone says "Chrestomanci", criminals go out of their way to use euphemisms to refer to him, such as "Eminent Personage".
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