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Pert adjective – Making light of something usually regarded as serious or sacred.
Usage example: a pert retort that irritated the teacher

Saucy is a synonym for pert (British) in attitude topic. In some cases you can use "Saucy" instead an adjective "Pert", when it comes to topics like impudent, sassy, lively. informal substitute
Nearby Word: pertly
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Saucy adjective – Displaying or marked by rude boldness.
Usage example: irritated his fellow travelers with saucy questions and comments

Pert is a synonym for saucy in attitude topic. You can use "Pert" instead an adjective "Saucy", if it concerns topics such as disrespectful, impudent, sassy. popular alternative
Nearby Words: sauce, sauced, saucer, saucily, saucing
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  • I Was Quite a Looker I was a pert young thing, with a tiny foot and a saucy nose, and my Grandmother got offers for me from throughout the People.
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