Petty and Small-minded


Petty adjective - Not broad or open in views or opinions.
Usage example: a petty little town that was not ethnically diverse and very happy about the situation

Small-minded is a synonym for petty in trivial topic. In some cases you can use "Small-minded" instead an adjective "Petty", when it comes to topics like important, limited. popular alternative

Nearby Words: pettish, pettiness, pettily


Small-minded adjective - Not broad or open in views or opinions.
Usage example: resented the small-minded people who automatically opposed every new idea

Petty is a synonym for small-minded in narrow-minded topic. You can use "Petty" instead an adjective phrase "Small-minded", if it concerns topics such as important, limited. popular alternative

Both words in one sentence

  • Comic Book / The Sandman One may disagree if that's a good thing, but at least he's not so petty and small-minded as before.
  • More small-minded and petty than outright evil, but also a typical aristocrat in pre-Revolutionary France, so probably more in the bad column.
  • This is particularly understandable, since as a rule the gods of the Discworld are basically petty, small-minded jerks who pretty much solicit worship by bullying people into acknowledging them.
    Source: Secular Hero
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