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Philosopher noun – A specialist in philosophy.
Theorist is a synonym for philosopher in thinker topic. In some cases you can use "Theorist" instead a noun "Philosopher", when it comes to topics like reflective thinker, theoretician, deep thinker. popular alternative
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Theorist noun – Someone who theorizes (especially in science or art).
Philosopher is a synonym for theorist in intellectual topic. You can use "Philosopher" instead a noun "Theorist", if it concerns topics such as reflective thinker, theoretician.
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  • Literature / Hostile Takeover (Swann) Named After Somebody Famous: Virtually everything on or relating to Bakunin, from the star Kropotkin that it orbits down to the Friedman Hotel on Lenin Avenue in Proudhon City is named after some anarchist, minarchist, socialist and/or anti-statist philosopher or theorist.
  • Useful Notes / Ireland Edmund Burke, political theorist and philosopher.
  • Uther Doul, the soldier/philosopher/historian/possibility theorist from The Scar embodies this trope so hard it's almost a Stealth Parody.
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