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Picture noun – A two-dimensional design intended to look like a person or thing.
Twist and picture are semantically related. In some cases you can use "Twist" instead a noun "Picture".
Nearby Words: pictured, picturing
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Twist noun – A forceful rotating or pulling motion for the purpose of dislodging something.
Picture and twist are semantically related. Sometimes you can use "Picture" instead a noun "Twist".
Nearby Words: twisted, twisting, twister, twisty
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How words are described

good good picture good twist
nice nice picture nice twist
particular particular picture particular twist
original original picture original twist
Other adjectives: single, disturbing, small, real, big, great, huge, little, infamous, main, famous, new, major, final, funny, extra, last, ending, different, bigger.

Common collocations

people picture people twist people
place picture place twist place
time picture time twist time
way picture way twist way
Other nouns: characters, thoughts.

Both words in one sentence

  • Bring It One of the characters does the "bring it" fingers in the same pose as The Rock does in the picture on this page, but with the twist of giving the middle finger instead of raising all four fingers.
    Source: Bring It
  • Here's the cruel twist: He convinces Spidey to submit the pictures he took, and he does make the front page, the picture getting there the one that went off when he flashed it in Ock's face.
  • Film / Sullivan's Travels Leaning on the Fourth Wall: "If ever a plot needed a twist, this one does" says Sullivan, who then gets the idea for the climactic twist—he confesses to the murder of John Sullivan, which gets his picture in the paper and lets his friends know he's alive.
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