Pig and Swine


Pig noun - Domestic swine.
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Synonyms for Pig

Swine is a synonym for pig (American) in hog topic. In some cases you can use "Swine" instead a noun "Pig", when it comes to topics like brute, bastard, porc, animal of swine family. popular alternative

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Swine noun - A person whose behavior is offensive to others.
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Synonyms for Swine

Pig is a synonym for swine in hog topic. You can use "Pig" instead a noun "Swine", if it concerns topics such as porc, omnivorous animal. popular alternative

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Both words in one sentence

  • But instead of finishing it with "sein" (the German word for "be", which should go at the end of the sentence in this case) the band starts chanting the word "Schwein" (swine/pig), a common German insult and the band's favourite word, to show that the preceding passage was just satire.
  • Manga / Ai to Yuuki no Pig Girl Tonde Buurin Stealth Pun: The pig superhero is collecting pearls...pearls before swine.
  • Gluttonous Pig In a crossover with Messy Pig, such anthropomorphic swine usually have Jabba Table Manners, burping, snorting and farting all the time.
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