Playful and Serious


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Playful adjective – Given to good-natured joking or teasing.
Usage example: the little girl was lighthearted and playful

Serious is an antonym for playful in topics: lively, funny.
Nearby Words: play, played, playfulness, playing, playfully
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Serious adjective – Not joking or playful in mood or manner.
Usage example: I'm serious when I say that no one should be walking in that neighborhood at night

Playful is an antonym for serious.
Nearby Words: seriously, seriousness
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Similar words of playful
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Similar words of serious
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Things that words describes

manner playful manner serious manner
man playful man serious man
look playful look serious look
relationship playful relationship serious relationship
Other nouns: nature, scene, show, way, tone, characters, fight, side, version, songs.

Both words in one sentence

  • All Work vs. All Play While Dipper is the more serious, mature twin, he certainly knows when to loosen up and have fun, and Mabel is playful and fun-loving, but knows when to be serious.
  • Video Game / Assassin's Creed II Lighter and Softer: Instead of Altaïr, the grim and serious master assassin from the first game, the player controls Ezio, a happy and playful nobleman in Florence.
  • Epiphany Comeback: Thomas gets one of these in a climatic fight, switching from a serious fighting style to a looser, more playful style that catches his opponent off guard.
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